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A Studio Of My Own

At the start of the pandemic, I remember saying to my mom “as long as I have clay I’ll be okay.” I was now back living with my parents in Orange County sheltering in place like the rest of the world. My parents helped me set up at the kitchen table for the first few months where I hand-built to my heart's content. Having no idea when I would be going back to my life in Los Angeles, I bought a pottery wheel and set up shop in their backyard. My parents had an enclosure built with a roof, windows and a sink, it was great!! I walked right from my bedroom to my temporary studio and began to work.

Thankfully, I no longer had to find an Uber to the pottery studio where I was a member. No more nerves that the driver might leave me in the wrong spot and I would lose my way, which only happened a few times. I didn’t have to be concerned I might break a fellow member's pot when using my white cane to get around. None of this really bothered me until I got used to going outside and just sitting at my wheel.

As the pandemic raged on, and vaccines became available, I decided it was time to go back to Los Angeles and start anew. I explored many living options, but no landlord was open to "The Blind Potter" and the mess clay makes! I decided it was time to commit and buy my dream home! I've been here a year and demolition has begun. The detached garage is now gone, and my very own pottery studio and showroom will take its place.

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