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Art of Disability Culture Exhibition

Honored to be participating at The Art of Disability Culture Exhibition!!

September 11-December 11, 2021. Palo Alto Art Center.

Work to be exhibited: exhibition is a robust celebration of the diverse, personal, and infinitely varied "disability experience." Every artist featured has one or more disabilities, where visible or invisible, and the exhibition centres upon their creativity, vulnerability, and unique perspectives. The exhibition celebrates how disability culture can strengthen our communities through the practise of interdependence, accessibility, and inclusion.

The Art Of Disability Culture information flyer

Join me for this very special exhibition in person or virtually as we all come together to celebrate and honor the work of these artists.

Tickets for in person and online here.

Work to be exhibited

Three pieces of artwork. One Globe, a sphere shaped container in cream. Strawberry Basket, a woven clay basket glazed in dark turquoise. Whispering duo, an orange and green bird sitting upon a small mouthed vase.
Two pieces of artwork. Boxed Treasure, a square box with flat lid glazed in blue.  Tell it to the Cows, a wall tile with tell it to the cows in raised braille above three cows roaming in a green pasture.

New work coming soon!


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