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Blindie's Been Learning

Ever had a hard time trying to learn something new? I had enrolled in the ceramics program at Glendale Community College and had planned on starting at the beginning of 2020. The program was okay with blindie coming to class, but required me to bring an assistant. For those of you who know me well, you already know I try to avoid bringing an assistant with me to live my life, so I dropped out and then the pandemic began.

I ended up moving back in with my parents and got my own pottery wheel to practice to my hearts content. I read all the audio books on pottery that were accessible to me, and made up my own techniques from not understanding the videos I was watching.

I was having a great time creating, but I was struggling so I needed someone to be my eyes. Since I dropped out, I found a teacher and brought the college to me. Meet my teacher, Mark Muscarello, from Terra Simia Studio. Mark is a graduate of Alfred University and is also a teacher and resident artist at the American Museum of Ceramic Arts ceramic's studio (AMOCA.) It’s been great to have him teach me to really pay attention to the moisture of the clay and to slow down.

My grouped bowls are inspired by one of our lessons. In addition the bowls, he also taught me how to make all of my tall vases!

I am so thankful for his guidance and for your support. Please use the promo code "THANKFUL" to enjoy 18% off all items at checkout through December 5th, 2021.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 Comment

Coni Zingarelli
Coni Zingarelli
Nov 24, 2021

Don, I love all of this. Your story, creations and that you are always moving forward! Congratulations! Coni

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