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Crashing Ocean Wave Bowl

Finally, an over-spun bowl I was in control of! When I first started throwing on my own I remember I had spent all this time creating a beautifully thin bowl. I believe I accidentally hit the foot pedal as the whole thing over-spun resulting in the rim collapsing, creating a very avant-garde effect. I was horrified! But since it was one of my first independent attempts on the wheel, I wasn’t going to recycle it so fired it anyway! It turns out every one loved it and it is a pot that my Mom will definitely not give up!

Since that tragic throwing experience, I’ve been trying to follow the same idea to make a pot I am proud of. I start by making a traditional bowl shape, then I purposefully speed the wheel up, nudge and prod the clay and let it do it's thing. This one really felt like ocean waves crashing on themselves so I glazed the piece in blue stone, which I am told is a little more green and turquoise. I am very excited to share this newest piece with you and it is now available on my website with additional new pots for purchase!

If you're interested in gifting the Crashing Ocean Wave Bowl, or any additional pieces, I can include a holiday note on your behalf!

Please keep in mind, all holiday purchases must be made by December 15th to allow for shipping time.

Happy Holidays!



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