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Exhibition "Success"

The art exhibition was a great success!!! The meaning of success is significant to me.

When I was 25 years old, I was a graduate student whom was very focused on becoming a food historian, but life had other plans. After surviving meningitis at age 25, I distinctively remember awaking from my coma to find myself paralyzed and blind, and completely uncertain of what my future would hold.

As I try to write how I felt during that time the words will never do justice to the fear I was facing. I do however remember the many visits from my friends and family. I no longer knew what my future entailed, but I knew I had a lot of support and decided that "success" would forever mean being surrounded by the people I love.

It was the surprise visit from my family, and the support from my friends with me that day, that made the art exhibition a success.

To explore the show, click here.

A few of my latest creations below, as well as at my shop.


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