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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Here is a little story I’d like to tell... My attempt at humor and sarcasm because this is an intense story. During this time of year I always think back to thanksgiving when I was still in the hospital. A friend brought me a piece of pumpkin pie, which she did not know that I could not eat as I was still on a feeding tube. After three months in NYC with my parents by my side, I was being transferred back home to a hospital in Orange County where my mom was physician. I was in NYC when I first became ill where I was working on a master’s degree in food studies. I remember how hard it was to leave because I was going to be separated from my twin, Ron, for the first time. The first thing I said when I woke up from my coma was "Where is Ron?" September 11th had just happened and security was out of control at the airport. It was my first time flying business class, and I was still in a wheel chair and had been learning to transfer from the wheelchair to a plane seat. On board the flight, they baked fresh chocolate chip cookies that I couldn’t have! It has been a crazy journey, and I am looking forward to having a few pieces of pumpkin pie on Thursday with my amazing family! I hope you all have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Don's Chocolate Chip Cookies


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